Nile Center Garden Market

Marty Kraft
8:30am - Tuesday, August 14

Today we have red cabbage, LOTS OF CUCUMBERS, swiss chard, EGGPLANT, potatoes, ONIONS, garlic, kale, PURPLE* AND ORANGE CARROTS, beets, FRESH THAI & SWEET BASIL, and oregano.

Come on down to Niles at 1911 E 23rd, just east of downtown, from 4 to 6 PM. Meet some of the kids and see the garden where we raise food and kids. The kids pick your veggies while you wait. Visit our solar powered waterfall too.

See how our newly planted fall seedlings are doing.


*Purple carrots are richer in antioxidants than lighter colored ones.

Marty Kraft Please respond to global warming in your own way. Let care of nature become second nature.

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