Howdy Conscious Consumers,

Boy oooh I have a gift for you!!!! This Friday @ the BADSEED Farmers Market from 4-8 PM, one lucky customer will receive a Holiday Gift Basket packed with local organic goodies from your favorite farmers!! Items will include free-range meats, gourmet mushrooms, farm-fresh eggs, canned goodies, baked goodies, fresh-roasted coffee, and more. To participate in the gift basket raffle, please respond to this e-mail and I will put your name in the pot. The drawing will take place promptly at 6 PM. Be there or be hungry.....

We will also be combining the market with a Holiday Party so BYO, everybody!

So - Why the generous offering and all the celebrating??? Because you deserve it! This is a way for the BADSEED's and my fellow-farmers to express our deepest "Thank Yous" to all our dedicated customers. You make local-organic food a reality in Kansas City by supporting it each week. When I started the farm & market back in 2007, a usual Friday Night consisted of little ole' me all alone with a meager table of vegetables and a whole lotta' hope! A few of my friends would stop by periodically to humor me and buy an eggplant despite the fact that they had no idea how to prepare it! Looking back, I cannot believe I had the nerve (or the finances) to continue!! It was a long time coming, but here we are today....the weekly market is packed with smiling farmers, brilliant products, and hungry people. For crying out loud: Kansas City voted us Best Green Business in the Pitch!! THANK YOU!!!

So before I get to the good stuff, I need to give you a little dose of my "holiday spirit". I hope my story will encourage you to eat local foods for your holiday feasts and remind you to be thankful of your roots and the good earth:

"I have not been home for Christmas in almost 10 years. Perhaps that is why I am feeling so particularly "festive" this year. You know me - I don't really get off on the religious implications, but I sure as heck love the lights!! (If I force my husband to hang one more string of lights with me in 15 degree weather, I think he might strangle me with them.......) Anyway, I escaped suburbia and my "cookie-cutter" mid-western up-bringing at the age of 18. I resented America and everything American......especially consumer driven holidays like Christmas. As a jaded young girl with a camera and a journal, I wandered all over the world in search of "the meaning of life". Holidays to date were a lonely time in a foreign place. Last year I was in Trapani on the western coast of Sicily with the new husband, the year before I was in Vietnam on a rooftop overlooking Saigon, the year before that I was on the deserted island of Mykonos wandering empty beaches, and the year before that (frankly) I don't really remember. You are probably thinking I have some sort of Swiss Bank Account to afford such luxurious travels. Think again. I was penniless. I slept in tents, hostels, or on the beach at best. I worked on organic farms in exchange for a place to throw my dirty bags and something to eat. I learned to connect with people silently, without a common language, by pulling foods from their fields and eating together. I stopped being angry at America, my up-bringing...........I missed my mother. I realized culture and history was written in the dirt of our homeland; it was in the food that grows in the soil of our birth. I realized no matter how far I went I could never escape who I am. I moved back to Kansas City and started a farm 5 minutes away from the fertilized lawn I grew up on. I reconnected with my family and met my husband. Together we now grow food for our community. We light-heartedly string Christmas lights together, and I no longer hate the holidays and resent who I am....or where I am. It no longer bothers me that there is a Target right down the street, or a Walmart right around the corner. I don't care because I have the good earth. The good earth provides for me. It knows me. It is everything that I am, and it will be there long after the Target and the Walmart have fallen into dust. So on this Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, foreign lands do not call my name. I am content to spend Christmas with my family, to eat foods from the immediate earth, and to celebrate my culture. America does have a culture (believe it or not) just have to dig for it!"


**New Vendor**
The lovely Natalie George with glorious recycled bottles, etched by hand with an inspirational word.
"The idea for these bottles started when I wanted to bring forth a particular way of being within myself each day. I wanted to inspire myself to practice being: loving, generous, grateful and blissful. These bottles make great holiday and birthday presents. Drink water out of them or fill them with something special. Remind yourself each time of who you are and what you want to bring into your life with each sip!"
For more information please visit:


*Dan and Brooke (me) of BADSEED Farm are supposed to be hibernating for the winterlike our vegetables in the field, but we would miss you way too much. Therefore we have a few little things available like Herb & Sicilian Salt "Flavor" Packs (salt hand-harvested from Siciliy) & dried Heirloom Hot Peppers!!

Andrea, Neil, and the gang from the JCCC/K-State Student Farm located in Olathe, KS will have SWEET POTATOES, CABBAGE, BOK CHOY, and any other Green Goodies that have survived the harsh weather.

*Our man Steve from Platte Prairie Farms in North KC will have Rutabagas, Turnips, Arugula, and Local BULK GRAINS & NUTS!!!!

*Heirloom Pumpkins and Acorn Squash from Super Pov at Hun's Garden in KCK

*Specialty Greens, Scallions, and Easter Egg Radishes from Stan & Carmen at Bigg Blue Farm in Mosby, MO

*Grass-Fed Lamb including French Racks, bone-in and boneless lamb legs, lamb kabob meat, lamb shanks cut Osso Bucco style, lamb stew meat, and ground lamb. Not to mention Farmstead Sheep's Milk Cheeses in an impressive array of aged and fresh varieties from Green Dirt Farm

*Certified Organic Beef including steaks, roasts, ground, and special cuts from Wells Family Farm

Oh soooo delicious OYSTER & SHITAKE MUSHROOMS and Free-Range Eggs with burnt orange yolks from Paul and Judy at the Mushroom Farm

*Whole Grains Breads, specialty loaves, and baked goodies from our friends at Bread of Life Bakery

*Moist and Delicious breads, pies, cinnamon rolls, and endless sweet treats from Alice's home-grown and freshly ground wheat. As well as EGGS, Canned Goods, Wood Carved Bowls, and more at

Western Hills Produce

**Specialty Holiday Farm Baskets and Wreaths available this week!!

*Rich, dark, and devastating (in all the right ways) Organic & Fair Trade Coffee from our favorite local roaster at Puddin’ Head

and last but not least -

Wonderful Wood Worked Crafts from Carol
These gorgeous, organic creations whittled from found wood on the farm will make excellent holiday gifts!


Remember - respond to this e-mail to get your name in the Holiday Farm Basket raffle!! Winner announced at 6 PM!!!

Yours Truly,

farmer & mistress of the BADSEED


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