Eat Local (& Organic!) Dining Card Restaurant of the Week: blue bird bistro

The Eat Local (& Organic!) Dining Card entitles members of the Kansas City Food Circle  to a one-time 10% discount at some of the best sustainably sourcing restaurants in the Kansas City Area. They were invited to join our program because of their public commitment to sourcing ingredients from local, organic, free-range farmers. We meet with them several times throughout the year for updates to their list of farmers.
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This week's featured Restaurant is blue bird bistro.

blue bird bistro - Kansas City

1700 Summit
Kansas City, Missouri
(816) 221-7559

Serving MidAmerican Artisan Cuisine. 

Blue bird bistro,  an upscale organic restaurant,  specializing in local food offers monthly a farmers'  table that consists of five courses of locally grown and raised food.  We also have a communal dining experience every Wednesday night,  and serve breakfast,  lunch,  and dinner Monday thru Saturday from 7am to 10pm,  and Sunday 10am to 2pm.