Grains, Legumes, Nuts... BEYOND BEANS! - Nutritional Benefits of Soaking and Sprouting


Saturday, February 18, 2012
1:00pm until 3:00pm
Location TBA ~ Lawrence, KS

AND... at the BADSEED Farmers' Market, KCMO, on Saturday, Feb 25

Maximize nutrient absorption while minimizing and eliminating nutrient depletion. Walking through the simple steps for soaking (in a water mixture with whey, yogurt, or lemon juice) and sprouting will empower you to confidentily carry on this healing tradition in the comfort of your own home.

Learn the essentials for soaking & sprouting grains such as BEANS, QUINOA, CORNMEAL, OATS, RICE, NUTS and MORE! Choosing to NOT soak your grains can cause a slew of nutrient-deficient illnesses, now and down the road. Demo class will go through a variety of techniques & includes an in-depth handout covering soaking/sprouting details, nutrient facts and several delicious soaked+sprouted grain recipes.

COST: $30/person


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6th Annual Meeting of the Kaw Permaculture Collaborative - (Linwood, KS)

Dear Friends of the KPC and former students,

This is to announce that our 6th annual meeting of the Kaw Permaculture Collaborative will take place on Tuesday, February 28 at Prairie Lovesong Farm in Linwood, KS.  Maryam Hjersted will host the meeting, which will begin at 6:30 pm with a Potluck Dinner and a informal meeting to discuss the permaculture community activities for 2012.  The Prairie Lovesong Farm is located at 13080 230th St., Linwood KS 66052 (just off K-32 between Kansas City and Lawrence). 

(We used the Satellite view in Google Maps to see the farm layout
 - the entrance is off of 230th St, just South of Loring Rd.)

Our meeting agenda includes a discussion of our planned a two day Permaculture Design workshop in March, our end of May Permaculture Design Certification Course intensive, and in July our Forest Garden Design Workshop and 4th annual Urban Garden and Farm Permaculture Tour.  Something new that we will be planning will be a series of Permablitz events.  We will also discuss the planning of the collective order of garden soil amendments, rock phosphate, green sand and chicken manure.

Please join us for a informationally rich evening on sustainable community planning, sharing and fun. For those who want to hang out, we will show the permculture video version of "Anima Mundi".    Please let us know if you are planning to attend or need directions by replying to this e-mail at moringse (a) gmail .com

All the best, 

Steve Moring
Vajra Farm, LLC