Community Garden SURVEY Project - KAW RIVER VALLEY (greater Lawrence, KS area)

Dear Friends of local gardening,

The Sustainability Action Network has embarked on a new project involving the acquisition of land and space in the Lawrence area for creating community gardens. We have been brainstorming ways to gain access to some of the most productive farmland in the Kaw River Basin to be used by the community to produce locally grown vegetables. We are envisioning organizing a community garden just outside of the City limits of North Lawrence to be used by families and individuals with both easy automobile and bicycle access from downtown. Garden space would will be leased on a annual basis with proceeds going towards the cost of development, land improvement and management of the overall project.

Attached, please find our garden marketing survey. If you are interested in some level of involvement, whether it be in support of community gardens in general or in participation and lease of a garden, please take a moment to complete the survey and e-mail or snail mail it back to us at moringse (a) gmail . com or to SAN at P.O. Box 1064, Lawrence, KS 66066.

Further inquiries can be made to:
Steve Moring (smoring (a) grasshoppernet . com) 785-691-7305
or Michael Almon (paradigm (a) ixks . com) 785-832-1300


Steve Moring, Director
Kaw Permaculture Collaborative

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