KC Organics Farmers' Market at Minor Park - KCMO - Saturdays -

KC Organics at Park Place
“The Farmer’s Market in downtown Leawood”

Open Wednesdays May 12th through October 13th

10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Barkley Square

Go 1 mile South of I-435 on Nall
enter on 117th from Nall ( just north of AMC 20 theatre)

◆ fresh-picked, locally grown organic produce
◆ also honey, edible flowers, herbs, mushrooms, breads and baked
◆ goods, grains, sauces FT coffee and Eco-products
◆ free-range eggs and grass-fed meats
◆ soaps, body care products, natural stoneware jewelry

A Unique Market Experience in all the Best Ways
Nestled in the Grassy area amidst a Distinctive collection of
Local Shops, Restaurants and Boutiques

Farmers' Community Market at Brookside ~ SATURDAYS ~ 8am-1pm

We are pleased to welcome our guests the Missouri Department of Conservation and Tulips on Troost to help us celebrate our

Tulips on Troost is a non-profit organization that aims to change the face of Troost Avenue by planting one million tulips along the Avenue. Troost Avenue is one of Kansas City's oldest avenues, and the Tulips on Troost project seeks to celebrate the avenue's past and improve on its future. Troost Avenue was once home to Kansas City's richest and most famous families. The street was also commonly known as a dividing line of segregation in the city. Durwin Rice of from the organizations says theTulips on Troost symbolizes the need for urban renewal. He said it is a bridge over a civic and cultural divide and can help erase an imaginary line of segregation.

Missouri Department of Conservation will be there to share more about their Grow Native program.
A joint program of the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA), the Grow Native! program helps protect and restore our state's biodiversity by increasing conservation awareness of native plants and their effective use.

By building partnerships among private industry, non-profit organizations, government agencies and landowners, Grow Native! aims to significantly increase the demand for and use of native plants on all landscapes.

Check out the exciting treats our vendors have in store:

Bread of Life:
What a Saturday we had last week with the rain, rain and more rain.
Luke and Chris were soaked like all the other vendors trying to pack up and leave. Hopefully this weekend would be better for all.
Our burritos will have our farm eggs, Benedict Builders Sausage, organic potaoes, onion, cheddar cheese and spinach. Our quiches have farm eggs,spinach, cheddar cheese and smoked gouda. Puddin head coffee will also be available to go with a bluebery scone or cinnamon roll.
Our usual breads will be at market, rosemary twist, cheddar onion loaf, Multi Grain, Whole wheat asiago,etc. The jams we have are Organic Raspberry, Blue Goose (Blueberry and gooseberry), Cranberry Strawberry Jam.and Gooseberry.
Hope to see you Saturday,
Kathy,Luke and Chris

From the KC Center for Urban Agriculture’s Community Farm:
Let’s try it again…_ _ _ _, _ _ _ _ go away, come again another day. That might work, it might not, but either way we are coming back to Brookside dry and we’ll just have to see if we stay that way. We’ll bring some more FAVA BEANS and recipes to accompany you home, TOMATOES are coming on. We’ll bring the ripe ones, but there are plenty in the field waiting their turn at market. Some beautiful reds, yellows, striped and some crazy-looking we don’t know whats, but also more CHERRY TOMATOES. Come early, the best ones won’t last. The BASIL is tasting great. So exciting! And finally some deliciously beautiful new POTATOES! SUGAR SNAP PEAS and SNOW PEAS are finishing up there run at market. Have you had any yet? SUMMER SQUASH and CUCUMBERS. SPRING ONIONS, SCALLIONS and some CHIPPOLINIS! BROCCOLI, CAULIFLOWER and CABBAGE. SALAD MIX, LETTUCE MIX, MICROGREENS, ARUGULA, WILD EDIBLE PURSLANE, FUNKY FRESH BRAISING MIX. KALE, SWISS CHARD, COLLARD GREENS, MUSTARD GREENS, KOHLRABI, BEETS, TURNIPS, CARROTS ( you won’t believe these carrots---long and perfectly straight!) and of course, fresh cut HERBS including LEMONGRASS, SORREL and many others.
We’ll bring the basil transplants we have left and some peppers---think front yard hedge row!
Come to the market! We’ll exchange water-in-the-basement stories, frogs-in-the-kitchen (happened to me this week) and remember together those long days of August when we wish for rain!
See you Saturday!

From Blue Door Farm:
I'm thinking it may be time to dig some new potatoes. Woohoo! I won't know for sure until I start digging but I hope to bring Red Gold new potatoes to market. These are delicious potatoes - very tasty and delicate. They're great boiled, roasted or in potato salad.
I'll also bring more beautiful fresh onions, bountiful kale bunches, crisp head lettuce, sweet turnips and the last of the broccolini until late fall.
- Laura

Bear Creek Farms

For those of you that came to market last week - thanks! What a soggy mess! And it's pretty soggy here too - so much so that 2 pairs of my crocs are out in the field, stuck in the mud. But......... Saturday is supposed to be beautiful - so come to market and stock up on some early summer bounty!

This week we will have graffiti cauliflower - bright purple and delicious, white cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, piles of zucchini, broccoli, fresh cut basil, beautiful onions, yellow and purple new potatoes, yummy kale and more.

Hope to see you all Saturday.
Lonnie and Jeanna and Logan
Robbins and Jim

Wells Family Farms

I have all cuts and lots of ground. Check our website for a complete list of goodies! see ya saturday! Kim

Starting at 9:30 am, Fine Kettle of Fish serve up a tasty mix  of bluegrass, country, gospel and Irish music.  Brookside  residents David and Barbara Fines met Bruce Eddy at St. Francis  Xavier church in the 1990s.   Away from their day jobs, these  veteran musicians have resumes that cover the entire range  from jazz and blues to country and classical.   The three  quickly discovered a shared sense of humor and an ability to  blend uncommon musical ingredients that create their unique  sound.  This year Dan Fines, a sophomore at Bishop Miege joined the group.

Visit www.breakingthroughconcrete.com to view a story about our vendor Kansas City  Center for Urban Agrigulture and see a great picture of farmer Lonnie from Bear  Creek setting up at the Brookside Farmers Market!  And, don't forget to:  Buy Organic, Buy Local, By Brookside 63rd & Wornall in the Heart of Brookside Saturdays from 8am to 1 pm

Saturdays, 8am to 1pm
under the white tents at theBorder Star Montessori School
63rd & Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64113

The Farmers' Community Market at Brookside is Dedicated to Creating a Unique Partnership between the Community and Farmers who provide High Quality, Local and Organic Products in an atmosphere that is mutually beneficial, wholesome and fun.The Market also helps to support the Border Star PTA.

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If you are on Facebook, do a search for Farmers Community Market.

If you are not on Facebook, click on the direct link listed below:


Thank you for your continued support!


Pam Bramlett – Market Manager
Farmers’ Community Market at Brookside
Phone 913-217-8535
Buy Organic, Buy Local, By Brookside

Troost Community Farmers' Market - Linwood & Troost - Saturdays

The Troost Community Farmers' Market

8:30 a.m. - noon

At the corner of
Linwood and Troost
Kansas City, MO

Dear Loyal Customers:
Also, mint, holy basil, oregano, sage, and chives.

Because we have so much delectible apple mint, we are sharing our favorite smoothie recipe. It is healthy and so incredibly tasty that it ranks up there with the best desserts we know. Bet you can drink just one!

Mint Strawberry Banana

125-150 ml rice milk

10 ea strawberries

1 ea banana

3-4 T coconut milk

2 caps vanilla

1T sugar

1 sprig fresh apple mint

1. Clean and core strawberries.

2. Break banana into 4-5 pieces.

3. Pull mint leaves off of stem and discard stem.

3. Put all ingredients in a blender and puree.

4. Drink and enjoy

Serves 2

Claudia Sue Toomim
Program Developer

Troost Community Farmers' Market

Funky Friday Farmers Market at BADSEED - A MUST ON FRIDAYS IN THE CROSSROADS ~~~~~ 4-9pm

Dearest Eaters and Seekers of Local Organic Delights -

This is Farmer Brooke and as you well know I represent a gregarious gang of (soggy, wet, & charmingly grumpy) growers who are dedicated to bringing you the finest ethically-produced foods in the metro......rain or shine!! Silence those grumbling bellies this Friday at the BADSEED Farmers Market from 4-9 PM with our spectacular array of LIVE NUDE VEGETABLES as well as artisan goat cheese, free-range eggs, all natural meats, gourmet mushrooms, wholesome breads, baked goods, and "liquid elixirs" including micro-roasted organic coffee and wheat grass shots. Whatever your poison may be, we've got it......and if we don't: BYOB!! Who said farmers weren't any fun, huh?

On a less up-beat note, let's talk about the weather! Can you say "mid-western monsoon"?? That is exactly what poor Farmer Dan and I have been experiencing on BADSEED Farm. I gotta say, sometimes I wonder if I am thick-skinned enough for this farming gig. Watching your livelihood (along with your blood, sweat, and tears) rush down your beloved field in a muddy river breaks a girl's heart more than I can find words to express. My crops are drowning, my seeds have been washed away, and then there is my precious TOP SOIL. A farmers top-soil is a sensitive issue. Watching your top-soil flow off your field is similar to watching the blood flow from your veins. It hurts, my friends....badly. So, what next? I don't know. Like always, we begin to pick-up the pieces and make whatever repairs we can. We re-plant, we re-seed, we re-mulch. We do our best to re-build the precious structure of our beds. Then, we pray to the dirt for mercy! We pray that our summer crops aren't too badly damaged and that they can still give us a righteous harvest down the line ensuring that YOU will be well-fed and satisfied! That is our primary goal - to feed YOU in a sustainable and beautiful way. Mother Nature will always kick my ass! My job is to get back out of the mud each time and go at it again. Cheers to the mud. When you can't beat it, you must embrace it.

On yet another note: for all you policy buffs and oh sooo engaged "eaters", you will be happy to know that the Urban Agriculture Ordinance did indeed pass last Thursday and will be in effect very soon. This ordinance will allow home gardens to sell produce on-site and make several other forward steps for urban growth. A great big "thanks" to those of you who supported this cause and made your voices heard. The BADSEED's sincerely hope that this is simply the beginning of righteous policy change that makes urban farms and gardens an integral part to achieving a healthy and just local food system. My sincere respect and gratitude goes to Councilmen John Sharp. (most of you who know me are well aware that I never give "shout-outs" to politicians, but this guy is a rare gem and he deserves it)......no joke

Moving right along...

***Sexy Veggie of the Week***

This week's runner-up is none other than the aromatic Italian beauty known as Finocchio or FLORENCE FENNEL. Her crisp white bulb is bursting with the finest flavors of anise and sweet liquorice & her origin is rich and rooted in Ancient Greek culture. According to Greek mythology, Prometheus used a stalk of fennel to steal fire from the Gods. (I have yet to try this, but when the rain stops I assure you I will!!) She can be eaten raw or cooked to add a flavorful finish to any old dish. Dan and I would commonly eat this "sexy vegetable" during our time on a goat dairy in Sardinia. After each meal, the family would present fresh fennel bulbs from the field and we would eat them raw as a delightful digestive.**Quantities are limited, come early for this one.

And now the moment we've all been waiting for.....this week's grand prize winner (drum roll please) is a double whammy - kkkkkKale & Edible Nasturtium Flowers!! These beauties grace the field side by side as they are excellent companion crops - the nasturtium repel specific pests that attack the beloved Kale. Our Kale is planted in long and lush beds with 1000's of electric nasturtium flowers blossoming down the middle. It is absolutely striking and absolutely edible!! You can eat these peppery and perfect flowers in almost any dish. Spice up your salads, garnish your meats and greens, or sprinkle them on top of a pizza! As for the nutrient packed Kale - it comes in 5 super sexy varieties including Red Bore, Winter Bore, Red Russian, Dino (aka Black Tuscan), and Rainbow Lacinato. Kale is the Queen in the world of "mean greens" and like momma said - "eat em' up"!!!

Pictures are attached. You know the drill - print them out, blow them up, & plaster them all over the men's room!!

This Week's Organic Offerings:

BADSEED Farm, Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer (South KC) www.badseedfarm.com
*Boadacious BEETS!!! (in Chiogga, Detroit Dark Red, and the coveted Cylindrical!!!)
*TURNIPS!!! (in Ruby Red, Gold Ball, and Oasis!!)
*Asian Invasion (a spicy salad mix or stir-fry mix with tasty asian greens and garlic chives)
*BADSEED Braising Mix (with baby kale and baby chard.....yum)
*Red Russian KALE, Dino KALE, Red Bore, Winter Bore, and Rainbow Lacinato (this week's grand prize winner)
*Florence Fennel (this week's runner-up)
*RAINBOW CHARD (oooh my God....what else can I say?)
*Fresh DILL & BRONZE FENNEL (heavenly)
*Chives, Oregano, Chocolate Mint, Savory, and Edible Flowers!!
*Heirloom Transplants (a lingering selection of flowers, herbs, and companion crops to protect your beloved veggies)

Herb"N"Gardener, Lew Edmister (Westside, KCMO)
*Filet Beans!!!
*Soft-neck Garlic
*Flat-leaf Parsley
*Red Wings and Five Star SALAD MIX
*A very Special ARUGULA MIX
*Russian Kale
*Fresh Dill
*California Rosemary Plants

Platte Prairie Farms, Steve Mann (North KC) www.prairietrading.com
*Steve will be busy planting sweet potatoes!! Catch him next time around.

Bigg Blue Farm, Stan & Carmen Biggs (Mosby, MO)
*Greens - Mustards, Lettuce, and Swiss Chard
*Green onions in red, white and yellow
*New Potatoes in Yukon Gold and Red Viking
*Summer Crops (already!!!!!!) including : Summer Squash (zucchini and yellow squash) & Tomatoes (early varieties like Siberian, Glacier, and Early Girl)

PJ's Mushroom Farm, Paul & Judy Miller (Warrensburg, MO)
**Cornish Hens!!! (all-natural, fresh, and tasty)
*A whole lotta' Shitake Mushrooms!!
*Oyster Mushrooms
*Farm-Fresh Brown Eggs
*Hand-made rugs & stained glass items (from 100% recycled materials)

Parker Farms, Tom and Paula Parker (Richmond, MO) www.parkerfarmsmeats.com
*Free-range Chickens (100% pastured) available this week. First of the season!!!!!
*A variety of 100% grassfed beef and all natural pork including:
*Pork Chops & Brats
*Chipotle brats with cheese or cranberries
*Pre-cooked franks
*Chili Cheese Brats & Links
*Stew meat
*Ground Beef and a fresh supply of hamburger patties for the grill!!
*Homemade soy based candles and gourd birdhouses (compliments of their lovely girls who grew the gourds on the farm!!) as well as embroidered Tea Towels and homegrown Mint Teas!!!!

Bread Of Life Bakery, The Crowther Family (Stewartsville, MO) www.breadoflifebakery.net
*sandwich breads
*savory breads
*sweet breads
*specialty treats (vegan as well)
**ALL MADE FROM 100% Locally Grown, Organic Wheat!!!!

Puddin' Head Coffee, Harry Lee, (Raytown, MO) www.puddinheadcoffee.com
*Only the BEST fair-trade/organic/micro-roasted coffee in town!!
Get yourself some beans or grab yourself a mug.

....and thats not all!!! Other "Liquid Elixirs" will include WHEAT GRASS SHOTS & TRAYS from the lovely Angela Hoffman. This is hard red winter wheat and it is oh so sweet and oh so good for you. Take a shot and feel groovy.

Other goodies will include:

ARTISAN GOAT CHEESE from Goatsbeard Farm
Aged & Fresh varieties including Prairie Bloom (a bloom-rind crotin style cheese with a rich and creamy center), Taum Sauk (a distinguished and nutty, appropriately aged, raw milk cheese), Osage Orange (a European-style muenster with a beautiful washed rind), Herb Crusted Chevre (delightful fresh cheese in a flavorful herb crust) , Marinated Chevre (fresh cheese relaxing in scrumptious olive oil, red pepper, and herbal goodness) and Greek-style Feta (residing in a salty brine that will make your head spin....sooo good)

Certified Organic Flour from Heartland Mill
An impressive selection will be available each week including all purpose, whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, golden buffalo, malted (for peak crust coloration), and blue cornmeal!! An artisan bakers dream.

RAW HONEY!!!....maybe?? If Les Miller (our wicked honey man) has any in stock, he will be buzzin'.

and, of course, Kombucha Mushroom Tea (Brooke's home brew)
Sip while you shop!

Check out our up-coming Urban Homesteading Courses !! To see a full list of classes or to sign up please visit:

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

*Sunday, June 27th, 1-3:30 pm at the BADSEED Market, 1909 McGee, KCMO, 64108

Join Tena Bellovich, Mushroom Aficionado and owner of Shroom Heads Organic Farm, and learn the magicalprocess of growing gourmet Oyster Mushrooms on logs. Students will engage in a short discussion on the process of mushroom cultivation including cloning and making spore prints, transferring the mycelium from agar to grain, and from grain to wood dowels.

Students will then get a hands-on experience as they receive a log, oyster plugs, cheese wax, and a demonstration on how to plug your logs. Everyone will take home their (newly plugged) oyster mushroom log, and enjoy the wonderful world of fungi first-hand!! Bring your own drill with a 5/8 inch drill bit.

Cost of Class - $30

LIVE NUDE VEGETABLES !! and other organic delights...

Yours Truly,

- farmer and mistress of the BADSEED

An Urban-Organic Farm & Market
Celebrating Local Food, Culture, and Community
Fridays, 4-9pm