Our friendly homesteading family has, like so many other neo-homesteaders in America, had to pave the way for ourselves and learn everything that we can about how to live responsibly and sustainably off the immediate land around us.  We were both raised with an abundance of television, soda pop and fast food.  Our grandparents grew up in farming families, but most of that wisdom was lost two generations ago.
We have learned a lot (collectively) in the last 7 years regarding organic vegetable farming, plant-based medicines, chickens, bees, and more.  We are currently in the works for lining up more workshops that focus on homestead-based skills, making the transitions and lessons learned a bit easier and more accessible for interested members in our community.
Amy has been offering highly informative, herb-related workshops for over four years with rave reviews.  She currently offers herbal pantry classes, focusing on remedies for common seasonal ailments, every other month in downtown KCMO and at the Sub Rosa Sanctuary.  Hands-on medicine-making workshops are taught every other month on site at the Sanctuary, empowering the learner to identify, process, and use the herbs discussed properly at their own homes.
The occasional goat cheese-making class is offered at random and is quite a bit of fun : )
Please contact us for further workshop information.