Funky Friday Pre-Farmers Market at BADSEED - Organic Transplant Sale - Friday, Apr 16, 2010

Attention Gardeners, Homesteaders, & Local Eaters -

Spring is here.
Time to get in the DIRT where
true freedom and
sensual pleasures await you!!

Let us enhance your garden
this Friday from 4-8 PM
at the BADSEED pre-Farmers Market


featuring super sexy heirloom varieties of herbs,
tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, brassicas,
flowers, companion crops, & more

Join your favorite gang of gregarious "urban" growers
and get your hands on a
mind-boggling selection of glorious transplants,
as well as early spring produce!!

From BADSEED Farm (southside represent)
*Heirloom Tomatoes is Green Zebra, Purple Calabash, Brandywine, Tigerella, White Tomesol, Mortgage Lifter, Roman Candle, Pineapple, Paul Robeson, Chocolate Cherry, and so much more
*Heirloom Italian Eggplant
oh so hot and oh so sweet Peppers
*Rainbow Chard & Luscious Kales
*Aromatic Herbs, Edible Flowers, and Companion Plants including African Marigolds, Calendula, and retro-colored Zinnias
*Yummy spring produce including Lemon Sorrel, Spicy Greens, and fresh Chives
***a limited amount of certified organic SEED potatoes

From Herb"n"Gardener (westside represent)
*Big Monster heirloom slicer tomatoes, all in transplantable 3 inch biodegradable majical/mustical pots that go right in the ground without disturbing the roots!! Varieties include Rutgers, Rose, Arkansas Traveler, Kentucky Beefsteak, Missouri Love Apples (take it easy on the dirty jokes), Dad's Sunset, Chocolate Cherokee, Lemon Oxheart, Aunt Ruby's German Green, and Pink Ponderosa. That covers all colors and sizes. Heck yeah!!
*Cherry Tomatoes in Black Cherry, Gold Kirschke, Red Fig and Yellow Pear
*Anaheim peppers, some various "hots", and two varieties of "sweet"
*Hollyhocks from
grandma's backyard and multi-colored Nasturtiums

From Root Deep (eastside represent)
*Cherokee Purple Tomatoes and other heirloom varieties
*Basil in Purple Opal, Genovese, etc.
*Peppers galore and a whole lot more....
*Mean "bagged" greens for that early spring fix

From Hun's Garden (KCK represent)
*Crazy Transplants in all shapes, sizes, and origins.....(Pov is originally from Laos and he grows some super wicked "worldly" stuff)
*Fresh-cut Tulips (his wife, Chaxamone's specialty!!)
*Early produce including fresh GINGER (!!!), fennel, napa cabbage, asian greens, and basil

and last but not least -
Paul and Judy from PJ's Mushroom Farm will be making a special trip to bring SHITAKE MUSHROOMS, OYSTER MUSHROOMS, and farm fresh EGGS!! YIPPEE!!!

Okay - So, in the meantime, get those garden beds ready!! Load up on plants this Friday, and by Saturday you'll be one
tranplantin' fool............and a couple months later, you'll be enjoying the "fruits of your labor". Nothin' like it my friends!! LIBERATION THROUGH ORGANIC VEGETABLES.....the BADSEED motto.



-farmer and mistress of the BADSEED

An Urban-Organic Farm & Market
Celebrating Local Food, Culture, and Community