Winter Market at BADSEED


for Friday, December 12th, 2008

Hello Everyone! Hey don't forget Friday Night the 12th! Our winter market has been doing well with lots of goodies to be had!

  • This time Alice and Marvin will be bringing holiday cookies and candies, some beautiful wood turnings made by Marvin and all of Alice's baked goodies. Possible for more veggies also!
  • We will be on hand with all the good cuts of meat, don't forget the gift idea! A box of beef would be a great gift this year!
  • Roaring River Breads always has a great fresh baked selection,
  • Yum Tum with the wonderful sauces, cheeses, sprouts and other canned goodies,
  • Green Dirt Farm, with lamb and sheep milk cheeses,
  • Sara Burnett has great chicken, eggs and pork.
  • Puddin Head Coffee is a treat unto itself and worth the time to come out!
  • Joann will be absent from this market but will return the 19th with honey.
  • Our market also has some beautiful hand work done in hats, scarves and sweaters.
Come down and visit. Yes we know it is cold, but it will be worth it!.

See ya Friday Night.


Steve & Kim Wells
Wells Family Farms
4009 State Hwy UU
King City, MO 64463

1909 McGee
Kansas City, MO 64108