Attention Farmers and Producers of Sustainable Goods:

(from BADSEED's original announcement - September, 2008)

A WINTER MARKET is being organized @ the BADSEED storefront in downtown Kansas City starting in November.

This is a "organic" market featuring producers utilizing sustainable and environmentally responsible practices (however farmers are not required to be certified organic).

The market will be held every Friday from 4:00 to 8:00 pm.

I currently have 6 vendors committed and I am looking for at least 3 more. Products include: certified organic beef, artisanal breads, baked goods, jams and jellies, gourmet mushrooms, winter greens, and organic produce including storage crops and APPLES.

Comforts include: electricity, heating, and kitchen (not to mention no tent set-up!!!)

Please contact BROOKE at for more info.


An Urban/Organic Farm and Market
Celebrating Local Food, Culture and Community

1909 McGee - Kansas City, MO - 64108


...where farmers and eaters unite!

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"Old World Skills for the New Millennium"

Rediscover the essential craft of the "Agrarian Life" through a complete curriculum of traditional skills for self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment





THURSDAY, OCT 16 (6:30 - 9 pm) - Introduction to Urban Homesteading

Don't know your lids from your bands, or the difference between a root cellar and a larder? But you do know that you want to have a hand in as much of the food you eat as possible. An "Introduction to Urban Homesteading" will teach you how to stock your cupboards, freezers, basements, and closets with the luxury of local food.
The class will deal with how to make food preservation a part of your life.

Canning, freezing and dehydration methods will all be discussed. Recipes for standard items like tomato sauce, salsa, pickles, dried herbs, jams and other goodies will be reviewed. You'll get to handle the batterie de cuisine of equipment you will need, from a food mill to a sausage grinder. You'll also learn how to keep a bulk of onions, squashes, carrots, sweet potatoes and other vegetables over the winter, as well as how to find bulk sources of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats and dairy in the KC area.

*Instructor Tom Ruggieri and partner Rebecca Graff farm for a 103 member CSA in Kearney, Missouri. Tom has been an urban homesteader for the past 20 years, filling his pantry with everything from locally made tomato sauce to salami to champagne, whether living in a house, a studio apartment, or on a farm.

Cost of Class - $35


SATURDAY, OCT 18 (2:00 - 7 pm) - Traditional Canning & Preserving

Join canning "guru", Lori Watley, for a hands on afternoon filled with chopping, mixing, mashing and more as you create delicious concoctions from seasonal organic produce including apple-raisin chutneys, and sweet & savory sauces. Students will learn basic water- bath canning and pickling techniques that will be fit to fill your cupboards for the cold winter months ahead. Students will receive informational packets to take home and some of Lori's favorite recipes, not to mention a hot jar of the day's accomplishments!

Cost of Class - $50


SUNDAY, OCT 19 (4:00 - 6 pm) - Preserving with Lacto-Fermentation

Keep your produce Alive! this winter with lacto-fermentation.

Before modern day canning, freezing and TV dinners, food was preserved in root cellars and via lacto-fermentation. This method of storing your veggies is simple and convenient, nourishing and delicious! From sauerkraut to salsa, from dilly beans to pickled beets, nearly any veggie can be easily transformed into a delicacy for your pantry.

Local vegetables will be supplied for a Kimchi-type dish (a korean spicy sauerkraut). Feel free to bring other vegetables to experiment with. A snack will be shared at the end of class.

Cost of Class: $19


SATURDAY, OCT 25 ( 2:00 - 7 pm) - Basic Bread Baking

The delightful Mrs. Amy Kenney of "HOTMAMA" Bakery will provide hands-on training in the art of bread baking. Students will make several different breads from scratch (whole wheat loaves, basic pizza dough, etc.) as well as snacks that will be eaten during class. At the end of the workshop students will take home a loaf of bread, recipes for items made, and BASIC BREAD MAKING SUPPLIES!!!

Cost of Class: $65


SUNDAY, OCT 26 (10 - 12 pm) - Bee-Keeping

Chris Johnson, long time "urban" bee-keeper will provide the necessary knowledge and resources for those looking to procure their own honey in a sustainable and holistic fashion:

"Come examine the differences and similarities of the most popular bee hive styles- the common Langstroth framed hive, the horizontal top bar hive, and the vertical top bar hive. And, learn why the Abbe Warre vertical top bar hive, aka " The People's Hive" , is the best choice for sustainable beekeeping with personal or commercial honey, bee's wax and pollination in mind. A leaflet containing Abbe Emile Warre's book, "Beekeeping for All" and building plans will be provided. Necessary materials and hive will be present for close examination."

Cost of Class: $35


SATURDAY NOV. 1 (2 - 6 pm) - Beer Brewing Part 1
SATURDAY NOV. 15 (10 - 2 pm) - Beer Brewing Part 2

Learn the principles of all grain brewing using inexpensive equipment and techniques. During the 2 session class, participants will get hands on experience crafting a fine Red Ale using organic malted barleys from Seven Bridges Cooperative.

Session 1 - Brewing

  • Home Brewing equipment and sanitation
  • Ingredients
  • Single infusion Mashing
  • Sparging
  • The boil and hopping
  • Yeast and fermentation
Session 2 - Bottling and Conditioning
  • Equipment and Sanitation
  • Bottling and aging
Brew master, Steve Mann, home brewer with over twenty years experience, was winner of the 1st place ribbon for German style lagers in 1995 and 1997 in the KC Bier Meisters Homebrew Competition.

Cost: $50


SUNDAY NOV. 9 (1 -5 pm) - Backyard Gardening : Growing Food for your Family

Urban/organic farmers Brooke Salvaggio (owner of BADSEED Farm) and Daniel Heryer (farm manager for Kansas City Center for Urban Agriculture) will teach a hand-on workshop in the basic art of vegetable farming designed specifically for urban/suburban spaces.

Students will physically create a garden from "scratch" (removing sod, preparing soil, planting, etc.) on-site at BADSEED Farm at 95th and State Line Road. In addition to hands-on training, students will receive comprehensive literature including planting guides, information regarding local seed sources, supplies, and soil amendments.

Cost of Class - $40


SATURDAY NOV. 15 ( 3:30 - 5:30 pm) - Entering the Wild World of MEDICINE MAKING : Preparing Your Pantry for Winter-time woes

Join herbalist, Amy Bousman, on a journey into the healing and self-sufficient world of plant medicines.

We'll begin with herbal introductions, a brief overview of basic herb-related terminology and the curious traditions of medicine-making. With a bit of knowledge behind us, we'll continue on to create (or expand) your medicine chest by decanting an echinacea tincture and make a batch of garlic infused honey. Everyone will take home an echinacea tincture, a jar of garlic honey, and essential herbal wisdom that can be carried on in the comfort of their own kitchens. Sip immune enhancing teas while discussing vital brews to have on hand for the upcoming cold season. Please come prepared with a pen and journal for note taking, and an herbal treat to share if possible. Class will end with questions and an open discussion.

Cost of Class - $50


SUNDAY NOV. 16 ( 3 - 6 pm) - Cheese Making

The world of cheese making is vast and decadent, but creating a simple soft cheese is an easy and delicious practice that anyone can bring into their home kitchen.

Join the accomplished Sarah Hoffman, cheese-maker and co-owner of Green Dirt Farm - the home of 200 happy and healthy sheep grazing on rich grasses to produce the highest quality milk for her fresh and aged cheeses.

Students will make fresh RICOTTA, a rich and versatile soft cheese used in both savory and sweet dishes including many Italian desserts! Take home a bit of Ricotta, some of Sarah's basic "fresh-cheese" recipes, and the necessary knowledge for those looking to expand their soft cheese-making skills and advance into aged cheeses. Sarah will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using raw milk, the differences in flavor that come from sheep milk vs.cow's milk vs goat's milk, and where to locally source each one.

Cost of Class: $75


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