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The Energy Solutions Tour,
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October 2

Indian Woods Middle School
9700 Woodson Dr, O.P. KS 2 blocks west of Nall
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The Heartland Renewable Energy Society supports clean and sustainable energy through:

  • Our annual Energy Solutions Tour & Magazine
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • Supporting Businesses on the Cutting Edge of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Conservation
  • Tracking Energy Legislation

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The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy www.dsireusa.org is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy. The info includes many of the new Federal solar and conservation incentives passed with the new Energy Policy Act of 2005. Also, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has a great book and lists of conservation incentives.
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Precious Eaters and Famished Friends -

The Food Revolution will continue this Friday at the BADSEED Farmers Market from 4-9 PM with a righteous array of dirt-lovin' delights straight from the farm. As always, my gregarious gang of growers will be holding down the house with sexy vegetables, gourmet mushrooms, grass finished beef & lamb, all-natural pork, free-range eggs, artisan goat cheese, organic fruit, wheat grass, locally milled flour, liquid elixirs, wholesome breads, and sweet treats. Wow....what a mouthful! And if that's not enough to get your local/organic booty groovin', how about some fresh tunes from our folky friends of "Checkered Past". As usual, they will be serenading us cranky old farmers all night long and I guarantee it will be a loooong one cuz it is "first Friday" in the Crossroads! That means come early, before the not sofarmer-friendly crowds take over and demand free booze......at which point us farmers start throwing rotten tomatoes and pumpkin guts. Or come late, and join the fun.

Tales From An Urban Farm:

Part I - Fairy Land
Last Saturday was one of those days. Nothing was going as planned. Dan and I had rolled into bed well after midnight due to market clean-up the night before. We got up early and upon leaving for "the new land" (our soon-to-be farmstead on the east side of town) we got looped into all matter of family drama. Typical. That made us late for our big "volunteer day" and I was a nervous wreck upon arrival. My nervousness was only topped by my sheer dismay to see our bright red 1968 International tractor broken down and lonely in the midst of our field. Crap! I had forgotten about the state of my machine. After a couple hours of tractor tinkering and post-hole digging, no volunteers had shown up and a storm was quickly brewing. More digging. As the rain started falling, I received a phone call from a journalist from the New York Times wanting to talk all things "goat". I mournfully unloaded the history of BADSEED Farm vs.The City, the removal of my sweet goats, and over a year's worth of neighborly harassment that has plagued my plants, my animals, and my livelihood. An hour later, I got off the phone, pissed off and full of regret. Reliving those events makes my blood curdle. Still, no volunteers, and more digging. The deeper I dug those holes the darker I felt and the harder the rain fell. I thought to myself "what the hell are we doing building a 13 acre, diversified, net-zero farmstead smack in the middle of the City, with no money or help or sanity??? What the heck is wrong with us??......". Then when I thought I might go ahead and dig my own grave, something strange happened. The storm let up and the sky became illuminated with a heavenly glow. Dan and I threw down our shovels and emerged from the woods. The sky above us was bedazzled with monarch butterflies. They were congregating around a giant hack berry tree. There were 100's of them fluttering about like something out of a fairy tale! It was absolutely mesmerizing. We stood there in a daze nibbling on wild persimmons that had fallen at our feet; the persimmon's orange flesh much the same color as the butterfly wings dancing above. In that moment I knew that these little bouts of magic would keep me going, even when the holes seem so endlessly deep. I was jolted back into reality by the flashing lights of the "death star", a giant TV tower to the south. I grabbed my shovel and headed back to the woods (smiling).
Part II - A Cry For Help
So, what's the story with these holes?? Let me tell ya. Dan and I are building 1000 feet of fence line. We are on a tight deadline. The goats, chickens, and dogs are moving onto the property in two short weeks and the perimeter must be secure. We are setting hedge posts for our fence line and each post hole must be 3 feet deep and we have a whole lot of holes to go. It doesn't sound so bad until you factor in the rocks and the roots and realize that it takes anywhere between 1 and 3 hours to dig a single hole! Many of you have expressed interest in volunteering on an organic farm. So, VOLUNTEER HOLE DIGGING DAY this SATURDAY from 1 PM to sunset at 5500 Bennington, KCMO, 64129. I'm not gonna lie - digging holes really sucks! But digging just one hole can make all the difference in the world for two over-worked farmers and a band of crazy animals. Be a part of the revolution and dig in!! Bring a sturdy shovel(s), an axe if you have it, and plenty of water. Where long sleeves and pants. Park on the street and walk across the large field to the west property line. RSVP. (thank you in advance)

***Sexy Veggie of the Week***

This week's runner-up is none other than Purple Beauty Bell Pepper !!!!

These rich and regal ladies will stop you in your tracks with their deep purple skin and silky smooth block-shaped bodies. You will not be able to resist picking one up and running your finger tips along her curvy and cavernous figure. Her rich and meaty walls lend themselves well to being sliced and stir-fried in a variety of dishes, or thrown in a salad for gorgeous color and texture. Peppers really shine this time of year right before the first frost is upon us. They are at their climax and can be bought in quantity and frozen for the otherwise "pepperless" winter nights ahead. Furthermore, purple vegetables and fruits are packed with excellent nutrients and vitamins essential to a healthy immune system. Load up!

This week's grand-prize-winner (drum roll please) is so darn good, it aint a vegetable at all. It's a fruit! Ladies and gentlemen:

Red Delicious APPLE! I know, I know......Red Delicious apples are only like the most boring run of the mill apple on the market. Every super market accross America piles them high and frankly, they taste like cardboard! But, let me give you a little insight into the world of Red Delicious. She originated on an orchard in the 1880's and was described as "a round, blushed, yellow fruit of surpassing sweetness". Since then new cultivars have replaced this original apple in commercial orchards. These cultivars have been designed for industry. Today's Red Delicious can be stored for obscene lengths of time and shipped all over the world. Chances are the Red Delicious you buy in the supermarket has been stored for over a year!! Needless to say, my homegrown Red D's on BADSEED Farm are of a different breed. Dan picked them today (Tuesday) and they are sweet.....oh so sweet, ugly as all hell (as any organic apple should be), and full of crunchy goodness. I admit, they aint as complex as some of those tasty heirlooms, but the worms leave em' alone and I get a great fresh-eating apple all winter long as a result. Due to their sweet disposition, they cater to a number of apple desserts. I mix them with our "green dream" variety when making killer apple pies. Apple-Pie-Making should be a required autumn activity for every family, couple, or individual. Get some apples and get busy!! Yum.

Pictures are attached. You know the drill - print them out, blow them up, & plaster them all over the men's room!!

This week's organic offerings:

BADSEED Farm, Brooke Salvaggio & Daniel Heryer (South KC) www.badseedfarm.com
*Sexy Saute Mix!!!! (a gourmet mix of sexy cooking greens with hints of garlic chives and aromatic herbs)
*King Kale (limited quantities)
*ORGANIC APPLES!! (in "Green Dream" and "Red Delicious")
*Luscious LEEKS!!!
*GARLIC (just a few small yet aromatic bulbs left!)
*Purple Beauty Bell Peppers
*Assorted hot and medium spiced peppers
*BASIL (in Thai, Purple Ruffles, Purple Opal, AND Genovese)......one of the last weeks for Basil...make PESTO!!!!
*Red Velvet OKRA (long, velvety, burgundy pods that rock your frying pan like no other)

Herb"N"Gardener, Lew Edmister (Westside, KCMO)
From the Lips of Lew:
"my fall crop of filet beans is now coming on and should be producing right up to frost time. these are definitely the queens of the beandom, long and lean and oh so delectable. be early! i've already smoked this weeks crop of anaheim peppers and you should stock up the freezer for the winters soups and stews. the arugula mix this week appears to be heavier on arugula than the mix, but what's wrong with that? starbor kale and smattering of rainbow chard finish my greens for the week, but there's also winterized rosemary and fragrant sage.
**most importantly, don't forget to sign up for the Rustic Bread CSA. its production literally depends on your participation. yummy, yummy folks!" (for more info contact Lew at herbngardener@kc.rr.com)

Bigg Blue Farm, Stan & Carmen Biggs (Mosby, MO)
*Butternut, Acorn, and Spaghetti Squash!!!! (oh my)
*Black Beauty Eggplant
*Beautiful Bell Peppers
*Candy Onions
*Zucchini and Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash
*Pink Eye Purple Hull Peas
*The last of the Tomatoes!!!!

PJ's Mushroom Farm, Paul & Judy Miller (Warrensburg, MO)
*Shitake Mushrooms!!
*Oyster Mushrooms!!
*Farm-Fresh Brown Eggs
*Hand-made rugs & stained glass items (from 100% recycled materials)

Parker Farms, Tom and Paula Parker (Richmond, MO) www.parkerfarmsmeats.com
*A variety of 100% grass-fed beef and all natural pork including:
*Pork Brats
*Pre-cooked Chipotle Brats (with cheese and cranberries)
*Pre-cooked Franks (both hot and mild)
*Spare Ribs
*Rib Steaks & Ribeyes
*Ground Beef and patties for the grill!!
**Ground Lamb
**Homemade soy based candles and gourd birdhouses (compliments of their lovely girls who grew the gourds on the farm!!) as well as embroidered Tea Towels and homegrown Teas in orange, chocolate, lemon balm, spearmint, and peppermint!!!! Samples available.
Woodland Organic Orchard, Kendra & Steve Kluck (Olathe, KS)
*Dried Apple Snacks
*Apple Jam
*Chipped Apple Wood for BBQ/smoking/cooking !!!
*"seconds" Apples (mixed varieties) for $1/lb
Attention Canners & Sauce Makers - For bulk orders of "seconds" apples e-mail Kendra at:

Bread Of Life Bakery, The Crowther Family (Stewartsville, MO) www.breadoflifebakery.net
*sandwich breads
*savory breads
*sweet breads
*specialty treats (vegan as well)
***Gluten-Free Breads and treats from the "Sweet Sisters" new line of baked goods!!!
**ALL MADE FROM 100% Locally Grown, Organic Wheat!!!!

Puddin' Head Coffee, Harry Lee, (Raytown, MO) www.puddinheadcoffee.com
*Only the BEST fair-trade/organic/micro-roasted coffee in town!!
Get yourself some beans or grab yourself a mug.

....speaking of "liquid elixirs", the lovely Angela Hoffman with her Wheat Grass Shots & Trays is back!!! She will be greenin' it up with her oh so sweet winter wheat!!....not to mention SEASONAL SMOOTHIES with mind-blowing herbs and garden flavors galore. **Angela uses local/organic produce in the most wonderful & refreshing concoctions. Drink up.

ARTISAN GOAT CHEESE from Goatsbeard Farm
Aged & Fresh varieties including Prairie Bloom (a bloom-rind crotin style cheese with a rich and creamy center), Taum Sauk (a distinguished and nutty, appropriately aged, raw milk cheese), Osage Orange (a European-style muenster with a beautiful washed rind),Moniteau Blue (only the best damned blue on the planet), Herb Crusted Chevre (a delightful fresh cheese in a flavorful herb crust), Marinated Chevre (fresh cheese relaxing in scrumptious olive oil, red pepper, and herbal goodness) and Greek-style Feta (residing in a salty brine that will make your head spin....sooo good)

Certified Organic Flour from Heartland Mill
Freshly ground & locally grown whole wheat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, unbleached all purpose white flour, malted all purpose flour for bread baking, & blue corn meal !!! A bakers dream.....

RAW HONEY!!!....YES!! Les Miller (our wicked honey man) will be a buzzin' this Friday with that godly golden nectar and bees wax to boot!

and, of course, Kombucha Mushroom Tea (Brooke's home brew)
Sip while you shop!

**LAST CHANCE TO SIGN-UP for the Up-coming
Urban Homesteading Class:
Sunday, October 10th, 1-6 pm - Fall Harvest

When the Fall harvest comes, be ready to can, freeze and squirrel away the final bounty of the season. You will learn it all in this homesteading tour de force.

Canning recipes will include a savory apple/pear chutney, green tomato salsa and pepper relish. We’ll show you how to let nature ferment you cabbage into a wonderful sauerkraut, conveniently in a one quart jar. Freezing techniques will be discussed and demonstrated so you can save the late harvest of greens, broccoli and other veggies. Finally, we will discuss how to store the many vegetables that don’t need freezing or canning, but just a good place to rest over the winter, like potatoes, beets, carrots, squash, onions and garlic.

*This is a 5 hour intensive course taught by organic farmer, Tom Ruggieri. Class will cover an array of techniques including water bath canning, pressure canning, freezing, and root cellaring

Cost of Class - $60

Download a course registration at www.badseedfarm.com to sign-up!!

LIVE NUDE VEGETABLES!! and other organic delights...

Yours Truly,

- farmer and mistress of the BADSEED

An Urban-Organic Farm & Market
Celebrating Local Food, Culture, and Community
Fridays, 4-9pm
1909 McGee*KCMO*64108

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Troostwood Youth Garden & Market ~ Fridays & Saturdays - 52nd & Paseo

Friday Market

Saturday Market
8am - 2pm

Troostwood Youth Garden
5142 Paseo
Kansas City, Missouri 64110
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Managers (@) TroostwoodYouthGarden.info
Neighborhood youth are providing fresh and healthy vegetables from A to Z. All foods grown on-site using organic methods. We are members of JJ FArms. Please call if you have questions.