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  • KCFC-on-Blogger is updated on a regular basis, (re)posting our Featured Organic Farmers' Market announcements and other local (and national) news pertaining to food, farming, sustainability, permaculture and transition. Posts on this blog automatically update our WebMinion's "WALL" in Facebook (within a few hours of publication), and they are retained there (in "NOTES", and visible on the left column of "INFO" tab) in a semi-formatted form which can be Shared with others.
  • KCFC-on-FacebookKansas City Food Circle's Facebook Group page entries... and Facebook Friends of WebMinion KCFoodCircle provide interactive connections and outreach opportunities for our volunteers and supporters. Join our group and/or "Friend" the WebMinion today to stay current with us and our friends.
  • KCFC-on-TwitterOur account on Twitter is seldom used (several times a week, usually). Posts from our Twitter account pass (instantly) to Facebook, updating the WebMinion's status and "WALL" for broader outreach. One-Hundred-and-Forty bytes can say a lot...

Our custom SEARCH query
found below and on our web site) can be very useful for finding specific food items provided by individual growers. Using "quotes" around a search string (surround a string of characters with quotes, i.e. "member grower") you can get more helpful info.

For example:
  • A search on [dairy] alone will get you all posts and pages where dairy occurs.
  • A search on ["member grower" dairy] will find our individual grower entries with the word dairy in them (including *this* page, of course).


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